Barbara and Arnold

October 24, 2009

I was supposed to have this weekend actually open. I was kind of excited about having a weekend to myself but through my surprise, on Tuesday I met with Barbara and Arnold which were scheduled to have their wedding on this Saturday. I ended up pretty much having 4 days to figure everything out in time for their wedding. As you can see it is possible, yet it is too late to put in orders for flowers so you just have to deal with whatever is in the warehouse at the time. Barbara wanted everything white/ivory with some additions of orange and silver. We had silver pillowcase chair covers. Wedding took place in our Polish local church, Our Lady of Czestochowa. Reception was at the Russian restaurant, The Fiddler. I have few pictures below, I did however skip out on taking pictures of the bridal party flowers because I run out of time. I hope I will be able to post them when I will get them from Barbara and Arnold’s photographer. I think everything turned out wonderful considering that we had very, very tight deadline. Congratulations to you!