Biesiada – Radio Dla Ciebie
This has been a busy week. This past weekend I designed and decorated an event for a Polish Radio Station. I was happy, to be also invited to the event itself.  I had a first hand experience of entire night. Whole evening was based on old fashion Polish parties, that’s where the name “Biesiada” comes from. During those events there was always a lot of food, drinking and dancing. Everything, in fact for our Biesiada turned out wonderful. There were Polish folk dancers, traditional Polish dishes to taste and at midnight, they brought out whole roasted pig. It was great! The weather, could probably not get any worse since it snowed about a foot in few hours and it was extremely cold. Luckily, everyone made it and who ever did, I am sure they didn’t regret it one bit! It was worth it. I wish there was more Polish events with that much of Polish flavor in it. 
I am attaching few pictures of what everything looked like. I am kind of bumped out I didn’t take any pictures of the appetizer table and some of the dishes. I know better for the next time. 
Just a little note about decorations. Our colors were burgundy, white and natural shades. 
Linens were crushed gold, burgundy bichon. Our centerpieces were combination of dry grasses and wooden elements to give traditional folk elements into entire event. Underneath each centerpiece was a design that was created for invitations and tickets and other various promotional materials for this occasion. Organza sashes on the chairs were combination of gold, gray & green, which shimmered in the light.