How far in advance should I contact you?

Usually our brides book us about 8 months in advance.
This doesn’t mean that some don’t book us a year in advance or others only a month before their wedding. Rule of the thumb is, the earlier you book the better chances you have for us to have your date still available.

How much does the typical wedding flower and décor cost?

It is a difficult question that we get asked a lot. There isn’t any set price because every wedding is different. In fact, the size of the wedding doesn’t even matter. The price depends on designs and all the elements that a client needs for their event. Average cost of the wedding flowers should be 10%-15% of your total wedding budget. If you are looking for additional décor like chair covers, linens, lights, pipe & drape – be prepared to pay more.

Do you do more than one event per day?

We prefer to only do one event per date. However, we occasionally do more than one event a day. We know our limits and if we are not capable of taking your event on because another client has maximized our guest limit prior to you contacting us, we will let you know.

Where do you get your flowers?

All over the world. Some we get from local Michigan farms. Others come from Thailand or even Holland. It all depends on the season and specific flower. We get the best quality flowers no matter where they are from.

What sets you apart from all the floral/decorating/planning businesses in Metro Detroit Area?

We specialize in weddings. We have done 100s of weddings and have been successful every time. It is because we have experience and we work closely with other vendors in the industry. We also know the latest styles and trends and remain active in wedding industry. One of our biggest advantages is that each wedding client works with one designer/planner from the day we are contacted until the day of the event.

Are you an eco-friendly business?

Yes we are. We love flowers and nature! That is why we also take care of it.
To find out what we do visit our Eco Event page.

Do you work with same sex couples?

Yes we do. We are strong believers in inner happiness and true love.
As long as all our clients are happy, we have no problems providing services to them.

Do you charge for initial consultation?


Why do you not post your address on this website?

We are by ”appointment only” in order to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. This is to make sure each client gets 100% of our attention during our meeting. Please fill out our form to schedule your appointment today.