Happy New Year!

Ok, this is the time of the year when I reflect on what is already a history. I am sure all of you will agree with me that 2009 was a handful. I would like to thank all of you for being part of it. Regardless, if you are just a reader or one of my clients you are all very important to me. For those that had their weddings in 2009, I would like to congratulate you on starting your own families and would like to wish you a relaxing 2010, that will  be your first official full year of being married. I was going to pick a wedding that from a creative stand point was the most fun for me to work on but to be honest I really can’t. All the weddings that I worked on this past year were wonderful. Each one, was different and I truly enjoyed it. For all the couples and my new clients that are planning to have their weddings in 2010, get ready for a busy year! We will have lots of fun and create some priceless memories. Thanks to all of you again and hope 2010 will be full of joy! There is a lot more to come. 
This is where I will be spending my New Year’s Eve. If you are planning on coming to American Polish Cultural Center, see you there. If you don’t have any plans, consider on joining us. Great food, good music, fun crowd and awesome decorations! 🙂