Juliya & Sergey

July 30, 2010

Two weeks ago, we had a wonderful Friday wedding in the Pine Knob Mansion. Just to mention right up front, if you are from Metro Detroit area and if you haven’t been there yet, do yourself a favor and get out there! It’s beautiful, it has history and going there is an experience. I look forward my future weddings in there. My wonderful clients Juliya and Sergey had an outdoor ceremony in their gardens and the reception was of course in the mansion. We were hired by Juliya’s mom to decorate the “cake room” and the front hallway as well as do few details. As soon as I got familiar with our space, I had a vision in creating very “princess like” look. We wanted the cake to pop and the window behind the cake to add to the viewing experience. Juliya wanted a lot of champagne colors, including blush pink just for an extra touch. We added blush roses in between cake layers for it to really stand out. We had really great time in there, loved working with a unique space and loved bringing my vision to life. Juliya and Sergey had a wonderful time, they looked beautiful. Congratulations to both of you.