Marci & Jeff

August 7, 2010

Marci and Jeff, were truly wonderful clients to have. Both have trusted me tremendously when it came to any decor decisions, possibly that is why I had so much fun working with both of them. We wanted to make their wedding unique in every way the only guidelines to follow were really the colors and over all feel. Marci fell in love with wedding that we have done in 2008 for Darek and Kimberly and she knew she wanted something similar. We did our best to put our twist while still keeping the overall look of the other wedding. Marci and Jeff really wanted regular chair covers and not the pillowcase ones so we stuck with those and just ended up using a navy sash. For linens we wanted to mix it up a bit and picked this beautiful satin floor-lenght linen that created more dramatic look. Since we didn’t want the linens to darken everything too much and Marci loved the idea of doing a runner we custom picked fabric and created large square runners that added playfulness and more texture. As you can see for flowers we picked shades of blues as well as a lot of ivory and white flowers. You can’t see on these photos but instead of a regular head table Marci and Jeff had a rectangle sweetheart’s table that they set by with their witnesses. Very cute and romantic way to enjoy the evening dinner. Marci’s dress was white with a champagne sash, we matched the ribbon of her bridal bouquet and flowers the the shades of her dress. Overall, the feel was very elegant and romantic and that’s exactly what our couple was looking for. It was a gorgeous day and both of them danced their butts off! Congratulations Marci & Jeff, good luck to both of you!