Maria & Marian

July 24, 2010

I don’t want to fall behind with my posts. We are really busy this summer and I figured if I will slack on posting then it will be horribly hard to catch up after few weeks. So here it is! We worked with Maria and Marian for couple of months prior to their wedding day. From the beginning they were set on their choice of color – green was it. Maria was a little worried about her vision, she knew she wanted calla lilies and was pretty specific with her flowers in her centerpieces. As improvement we added on few things here and there but over all we kept the original vision intact. One of my favorite colors is green, so I really enjoyed working with this color combination. Entire event was just beautiful. The wedding ceremony took place in Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Troy, reception also was in their on site banquet hall. Very romantic and cozy venue. For the first time we actually worked in there and we really enjoyed it. Maria looked absolutely stunning. I was totally in love with her dress and hair due. Marian looked equally handsome. Weather predictions were pretty depressing as we spoke about umbrellas and preparing for the down fall during the day on Friday. We were happy to see that just in time the skies cleared on Saturday and as we were leaving the hall Maria and Marian were posing for their photos in full sun, right outside the church. Cake was beautiful, we decorated it with our flowers. I will try to find out what is the company name that baked it because it was not only pretty but also very tasty. I did try a small piece at the end of the night and I was impressed with the very berry flavor. We really enjoyed working with Maria and Marian, we wish you all the best and congratulations to both of you!