Marianne & Scott

June 05, 2010

I was excited about Marianne’s wedding for quite a while already. As soon as I found out colors that she picked out I knew it’s going to be original. Fun fact is that actually tiffany blue and peach were picked to be the 2010 wedding colors.
For spring/early summer wedding those two shades really complement each other well. They look fresh, happy and aren’t oftenly used. As you can see on my photos below, we had tiffany blue linenes, white pillowcase chaircovers with tiffany blue sash. Flowers were relatively simple yet they had enough of peach color in them to stand out. Cake was beautiful and and in those quite large boxes on the tables were its minature imitations out of white chocolate. Marianne and Scott looked beautiful. Congratulations to both of you.

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  1. The Valkyrie

    These are my wedding colors and they are quite lovely! I'm doing a bird/nature theme and the colors work very well with it. They are fun and feminine. Excellent pictures!