Marisa & Erick

December 5, 2009
We started planning with Marisa already during early summer. Marisa didn’t want a typical wedding and liked the idea of an intimate, cozy, winter evening event. Since Marisa and Erick’s wedding was in December she originally wanted to incorporate more holiday inspirations. We spoke about adding red berries and pine into the arrangements. Later, Marisa realized that this would not create the look that she had in mind. She wanted bold arrangements that would make a statement. We had really nice contrast going between the dark burgundy tones of the table linens and chair covers and the brightness of the arrangements. We didn’t use any flowers that aren’t available normally during winter season that is why we ended up not using orchids or delphiniums. We really wanted to stick to winter theme without putting holiday flair on it. We had four different type of roses ranging in tones from white to almost light pink and cream. 
We used frosted candles on the tables inside of the vases we submerged flowers and created a look resembling ice. Once we were done, room was filled with sweet aroma of stock. On the pictures below you can see the overall idea. Some photos were taken during the day, before the Cherry Creek crew set up the tables, some were already taken in late afternoon, that is why they came out much darker. Personally, I can’t wait to see the photographers pictures. I am sure they come out beautiful because it was a beautiful day, beautiful couple and beautiful venue. Congratulations to both of you. I was really happy about working with you and contributing to your day.  

Below are few amazing shots taken by Blackberry Kisses Photography
Really wonderful photography that captured the essence of that December day.
Great job!
If you would like you can see more pictures from Marisa and Erick’s wedding on Blackberry Kisses Photography Facebook Fan Page. Enjoy!