New Year’s Eve 09

So like every year, once again I decorated/designed New Year’s Eve party.
I love doing it but I won’t lie by saying “it is easy”, even thru this is my 6th New Year’s Eve Party in a row for over 600 people. There are guidelines to follow that make it a little bit more difficult. With this economy – number one being small budget. This year we decided to go with Winter Wonderland theme: blue, white and silver combination in one hall.
And burgundy, gold & red in another.
You can see on my pictures how it turned out. With dimmed lights, bands being set up and everyone on the dance floor it really came together.
I know this isn’t a wedding post, but for those couples looking for something different, this might be an option. Other than that, hope to see you there next year!

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  1. Dariusz M.

    I went to this party, and the decorations were fantastic! Nice job Iza!