Peacock-Themed Wedding Table Sample

This was another one of our sample tables at our Engagement Ball few weeks ago. We know that a lot of brides are inspired by peacock feathers, so we wanted to show what could be done with that idea. We used shimmery, royal green table linens. Gold chair covers with purple ribbons and artificial flowers. We had plum/purple napkins that were folded into a shape of peacock’s tail. As far as flowers, we had a pretty good variety of deep colors. There were lots of Bells of Ireland, burgundy Snapdragons, raspberry Roses, fuschia Dahlias, blue Orchids and to accent, of course peacock feathers. Details, like table numbers, place seating cards and programs were gold and deep purple. Some of them had prints of peacock feathers on them as well. All these wonderful detail pieces were done by Robyn from Meant to Be Sent. So if you are looking for anything peacock, Meant to be Sent is your place.

Once again, above photo composition was created with use of photos taken by Agnes Photography and Maciek Photography. Thank you, once again!


  1. Andre Nievo @ Vermont Wedding Flowers

    What I am afraid of is the flower vase would fall off if unbalanced.

  2. That never happens unless you have unexperienced designers creating the arrangements. It is all about even distribution of the weight. Also we do usually tests before our arrangements are exposed to the guests. Simple bumping into tables usually will do the trick. If the flowers are ok, then they should last thu average bumps that they might get during the event. Also the more weight you put on vase the harder it will be for it to tip over.