Teresa and Michael

October 16, 2009

This weekend was pretty busy. I had a wonderful Friday wedding that I did work for Teresa and Michael. It was beautiful outside, kind of chilly but with lots of sun. Planning with Teresa was really simple, we met only once before her wedding day. I designed and made only reception flowers for her so I don’t take credit for bridal flowers or any other bouquets and arrangements she had. As far as her reception flowers, Teresa’s only request was to have tall vases and some of burgundy flowers in there to tie everything together. Their hall was Palazzo Grande in Shelby Twp. which is a brand new banquet and event center that opened up last winter. It is very well designed, it was all together a pleasant experience to be there. You can see few pictures of how everything looked below. Teresa and Michael left today for their honeymoon so I wish them lots of fun and relaxation and of course, congratulations – “100 Lat” to you!